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[2/May/2018 Updated] PassLeader Free 201-450 PDF Study Guide and VCE Dumps

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Which command is used to install a GRUB boot loader into the master boot record?

A.    grub-install
B.    grub-mkconfig
C.    grub-install-mbr
D.    grub-glue-mbr
E.    grub-mbr-setup

Answer: A

After manually compiling and installing a new kernel, what has to be done regarding the initramfs?

A.    To initramfs is independent of the kernel and should not be modified unless the hardware configuration of the machine has changed.
B.    Since the initramfs contains kernel modules, a new initramfs must be built for the new kernel.
C.    During the compilation of the Linux kernel, a new initramfs is built automatically.
The new initramfs only needs to be installed.
D.    The system should be restarted since the initramfs reconfigures itself for the new kernel during the startup of the system.

Answer: C

Which of the following is a userspace application used to modify EFI entries on a Linux system?

A.    efieditor
B.    configefi
C.    efimanager
D.    efiboottmgr
E.    efibootedit

Answer: D

On a Linux node with multiple active networks interfaces, each having a default route to the Internet, which default route is preferred?

A.    The default route with the highest metric value.
B.    The default route with the highest MTU value.
C.    The default route with the lowest TTL value.
D.    The default route with the highest TTL value.
E.    The default route with the lowest metric value.

Answer: E

Which of the following commands creates a Btrfs subvolume named volume in/mnt?

A.    btrfs subvolume add -n volume /mnt
B.    btrfs create subvolume /mnt volume
C.    btrfs-subvolume create /mnt/volume
D.    btrfs subvolume new volume /mnt
E.    btrfs subvolume create /mnt/volume

Answer: E

Which of the filter keywords below could be used in the following command?
tcpdump ­i eth0 ____ (Choose three.)

A.    host
B.    ip
C.    src
D.    dst
E.    ipv6

Answer: ACD

Which of the following commands adds a static IPv6 address to the network interface eth0?

A.    ip add addr 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
B.    ip -6 add addr 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
C.    ip addr add 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
D.    ip -6 addr add new 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0
E.    ip addr add -6 2001:db8::1337/64 dev eth0

Answer: D

A Linux server running systemd booted to for maintenance. Which commands are used to restore the server to its usual target? (Choose two.)

A.    telinit 0
B.    systemctl default
C.    sync
D.    systemctl emergency
E.    systemctl reboot

Answer: AB

What is the purpose of an initramfs during the Linux system start?

A.    It loads required modules and starts sub sytems like LVM to make the root file system accessible to the kernel.
B.    It moves the kernel from normal system memory to initram memory to speed up kernel access.
C.    It copies the root file system's content to RAM to speed up the system and reduce writes to disk.
D.    It creates a ram disk to store volatile data for directories like /tmp to reduce writes to disk.

Answer: A

Which of the following commands erases the contents of the /dev/sdb3 partition?

A.    rm /dev/sdb3
B.    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb3
C.    dd of=/dev/zero if=/dev/sdb3
D.    umount /dev/sdb3

Answer: B

Which of the following configuration files are used by tcpwrapper?

A.    /etc/tcpd.allow and etc/tcpd.deny
B.    /etc/tcpwrapper.allow and /etc/tcpwrapper.deny
C.    /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
D.    /etc/service.allow and /etc/service.deny

Answer: C

What is the purpose of a system mount unit?

A.    It is used by the command systemd-mount and allows users to mount partitions to mount points of their choice.
B.    It is used only to mount network file systems to local mount points. It cannot be used for local media.
C.    It is created by the command systemd-fstab-generator to integrate entries from /etc/fstab into the system boot process.
D.    It is used by the command mount when using system to mount and unmount file systems.

Answer: A

After the downloading patch-4.6.4.xz from, what are the next steps to prepare the build of a version 4.6.4 Linux kernel? (Choose two.)

A.    Uncompress the file and move the resulting directory to /usr/src/linux.
B.    Apply the patch file to the kernel source directory containing kernel version 4.6.0.
C.    Apply the patch file to the kernel source directory containing kernel version 4.6.3.
D.    Uncompress the file using xz to get the uncompressed patch file.
E.    Use patch to apply the uncompressed patch file to the source directory of any previous kernel version.

Answer: DE

Which of the following init systems comes along with an own UEFI boot loader?

A.    systemd
B.    SysVinit
C.    Upstart
D.    OpenRC
E.    launchd

Answer: A

What command discards unused blocks on a mounted file system in order to support SSD devices? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: fstrim

What command ensures that the file systems are written to disk after a lot of write operations? (Specify ONLY the command without any path or parameters.)

Answer: ......

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