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[Aug-2017 Dumps] Training PassLeader New JN0-680 67q VCE and PDF Dumps To Pass Exam

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Which EVPN service consists of a single broadcast domain per EVPN instance?

A.    a VLAN bundle service interface
B.    a VLAN-based service interface
C.    a port-based VLAN-aware service interface
D.    a port-based service interface

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[May-2017 Dumps] Premium 408q JN0-102 Exam Questions Ensure 100 Percent Exam Passing

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Which two statements describe the default behavior for OSPF? (Choose two.)

A.    OSPF imports all routes into the inet4.0 routing table.
B.    OSPF exports all static routes into the OSPF database.
C.    OSPF imports all routes into the inet.0 routing table.
D.    OSPF does not export static routes into the OSPF database.

[Mar-2017 Dumps] Collection of JN0-360 Exam Questions With Free VCE and PDF Download

New Updated JN0-360 Exam Questions from PassLeader JN0-360 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader JN0-360 VCE dumps: (372 Q&As)

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Which OSPF LSA type describes the router IDs of ASBR routers located in remote areas?

A.    Type 4
B.    Type 2
C.    Type 3
D.    Type 1

[Apr-2016 Dumps] Free Share 75q JN0-696 Exam Questions From PassLeader

New Updated JN0-696 Exam Questions from PassLeader JN0-696 PDF dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader JN0-696 VCE dumps: (75 Q&As)

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Click the Exhibit button. You are implementing a high availability chassis cluster on an SRX Series device. You would like to manage both devices through the J-Web utility. However, when you try to log in to the second device using SSL HTTP, you receive a message from your Web browser indicating that the message has timed out.
Why you are receiving this message?

A.    There is a firewall policy blocking traffic to the control plane.
B.    HTTP is not configured as host inbound traffic.
C.    The incoming traffic is not being allowed on the correct port.
D.    The rdp daemon is on standby on the secondary device.

[New Exam Dumps] PassLeader Free JN0-633 Study Guide with 209q Questions and Answers

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JN0-633 Exam Dumps[15]

Click the Exhibit button.
[edit security nat static rule-set 12]
user@SRX2# show
from zone untrust;
rule 1 {
match {
then {
static-nat {
prefix {;
Host-2 initiates communication with Host-1.
All other routing and policies are in place to allow the traffic.
What is the result of the communication?

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