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Case Study 1 — Humongous Insurance

Which blade should you instruct the finance department auditors to use?

A.    Partner information
B.    Overview
C.    Payment methods
D.    Invoices

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Your network contains an Active Directory forest named You deploy an Azure Stack integrated system. You implement federation between and Azure Slack. You need to ensure that a user named can manage all aspects of Azure Stack from administrator portal. Which cmdlet should you run?

A.    New-CloudAdminUser
B.    Set-ServiceAdminOwner
C.    Set-AzsUserSubscription
D.    Set-CloudAdminPassword

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Which User Subscription License (USL) provides the same Software Assurance (SA) benefits as Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Microsoft Core CAL Suits, and Windows 10 Enterprise E3?

A.    a Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 From SA USL
B.    an Office 365 Enterprise E5 full USL
C.    a Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 full USL
D.    an Office 365 Enterprise E1 From SA USL

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You need to create a database object that meets the following requirements:
– accepts a product identifies as input
– calculates the total quantity of a specific product, including quantity on hand and quantity on order
– caches and reuses execution plan
– returns a value
– can be called from within a SELECT statement
– can be used in a JOIN clause
What should you create?

A.    an extended stored procedure
B.    a user-defined table-valued function
C.    a user-defined stored procedure that has an OUTPUT parameter
D.    a memory-optimized table that has updated statistics

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You deploy a new Microsoft Azure SQL database instance to support a variety of mobile application and public websites. You configure geo-replication with regions in Brazil and Japan. You need to implement real-time encryption of the database and all backups.
Solution: You enable Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) on the primary instance.
Does the solution meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

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