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A.    A case cannot have a service level associated with it, while a process canB.    A case is performed by many actors, while a process is performed by one actorC.    A case identifies the work to perform, while a process defines how the work is performedD.    A case does not have a lifecycle, while a process has a lifecycle Answer: C QUESTION 2Which Decision rule type is best used to handle nestd "if" conditions? A.    Data transformB.    Decision Tree(Missed)C.    Decision TableD.    When rules Answer: C QUESTION 3The class layer that extends a reusable class structure for a specific implementation is called which of the following? (Choose One) A.    Framework layerB.    Work layerC.    Implementation layerD.    Top layer Answer: C QUESTION 4Which statement is true about work item instances? (Choose One) A.    Some work items do not have work item IDsB.    All work items belong to coversC.    A work item may be instantiated from an abstract classD.    Every work item is an instance of a concrete class Answer: D QUESTION 5Declarative Page names must begin with the prefix "Declare_". A.    TrueB.    False Answer: A QUESTION 6Select the UI control that displays a drop-down list with dynamically generated values. A.    DropdownB.    MuitiSelectC.    AutoCompleteD.    DynamicSelect Answer: C QUESTION 7From the following choices, select three statements that are true about a framework layer. (Choose Three) A.    The framework layer is a reusable application that can be used as the basis for a specific implementationB.    A framework layer may be built upon another framework layerC.    A framework layer can support only one implementation layerD.    Rules applied to a class in the framework layer can be called from the implementation layerE.    During rule resolution, PRPC assembles one rule cache for the framework layer, and another rule cache for the implementation layerF.    The framework layer may only consist of abstract classes Answer: ABD QUESTION 8What is the key difference between BPM application development and traditional application development? (Choose One) A.    A BPM application is process-centric (all elements of the application depend upon the process)B.    In a BPM application, elements of the application ?such as UI, logic, and data ?cannot be modularC.    A traditional application cannot be used in an N-tier environmentD.    A traditional application allows for direct execution of the business process, while a BPM application does not Answer: A QUESTION 9When does PRPC refresh a declared page that has expired? (Choose One) A.    As soon as the declared page expiresB.    When PRPC accesses the declared pageC.    When defined in the rule formD.    When the user accesses the clipboard Answer: B QUESTION 10Which of the flowing is true of a Declare Expression? A.    They are involved without any explicitB.    They are only referenced in a data transformC.    They must specify the sequential order in which to runD.    They are referenced in a section Answer: B QUESTION 11Which statement best describes how a service level affects the urgency value of an assignment or a case? A.    When a given milestone is reached, the urgency value is set to the specified value in that milestone.B.    When a given milestone is reached, the current urgency value is checked. If it is greater than the value specified in that milestone, the Escalation Action is triggered.C.    If the current urgency value is less than the urgency value specified in the milestone, It is adjusted to the urgency value specified in that milestone - otherwise, it remains the same.D.    When a given milestone is reached, the specified urgency value is added to the current urgency value. Answer: D QUESTION 12Select the statements that best describe UI gallery (Choose Two) A.    The UI gallery examples include source which can be copied into an application (Missed)B.    The UI gallery contains UI examples but doesen't provide acces to underlying rulesC.    The UI gallery provides a quicker way to acces an end user's worklistD.    The UI gallery provides examples of the latest PRPC UI featuresE.    The UI gallery is an inventory of all user interface rules used in application Answer: AD QUESTION 13Primary path stages can be defined as: (Choose Two) A.    Stages that can be transitioned either manually or automaticallyB.    Stages that can only be transitioned in the order defined in case mapC.    Stages that represent a normale course of events when describing a case (Missed)D.    Stages with no conditions or logic between steps Answer: AC QUESTION 14Which property mode implements an ordered list? A.    PageB.    Page GroupC.    Value ListD.    Page List Answer: A QUESTION 15Node level Declarative Pages cannot be shared between requestors. A.    TrueB.    False Answer: B QUESTION 16Declare Expressions rules can be used in both forward and backward chaining. A.    TrueB.    False Answer: A QUESTION 17When decomposing a case, a step in a case stage represents: A.    An action, or actions, taken to process a caseB.    A first level for organizing tasks needed to process a caseC.    A decision needed to process a caseD.    The components used to implement the tasks for a case Answer: A QUESTION 18A worklist is a ________________. (Choose One) A.    list of assignments assigned to a particular operatorB.    list of work items owned by a particular operatorC.    list of open (unresolved) work itemsD.    list of assignments that do not yet have ownership and are associated with a group of operators Answer: A --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2015-08-18 10:12:12 Post date GMT: 2015-08-18 10:12:12 Post modified date: 2015-08-18 10:12:12 Post modified date GMT: 2015-08-18 10:12:12 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from