This page was exported from All The Latest MCTS Exam Questions And Answers For Free Share [ ] Export date:Mon May 25 5:16:00 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: (New Updated) Choosing PassLeader New Cisco 350-029 Practice Tests To Pass Exam Easily (465-486) --------------------------------------------------- Extra For Exam 350-029: PassLeader have been updated the 350-029 554q brain dumps with the newest exam questions. We provide the latest 350-029 PDF and VCE files with Free New Version VCE Player for free download to ensure your exam pass. Welcome to visit -- and get the 100 percent pass ensure 350-029 554q study braindumps! NEW QUESTION 465Refer to the exhibit. A client is unable to receive traffic from multicast streamer (R5) on, even though multicast routing is established in the network.Which statement describes how to resolve this issue? A.    IGMP must be enabled for the client.B.    R4 must be the DR on the R4-R6 segment.C.    RP announcements have no multicast routing table entry.D.    The RP must be reachable via Fa0/0.E.    A static mroute must be configured to point to RP via Fa0/1 on R4. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 466A service provider with MPLS traffic-eng tunnels is supporting multicast traffic that uses RPF to ensure the source of the sender. The unicast routing table points the source through TE, which does not support multicast and RPF fails. Which action fixes the issue? A.    Use auto-route announce under MPLS TE.B.    Use multicast-intact under IGP.C.    Use IGMP snooping.D.    Use CGMP. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 467A service provider is using QoS to manage customer traffic over the MPLS backbone. Which three statements about the behavior of each MPLS QoS mode based on QoS policy in the service provider core are true? (Choose three.) A.    Uniform mode does not change the original CE IP packet markings.B.    Uniform mode changes the original CE IP packet markings.C.    Pipe mode does not change the original CE IP packet markings.D.    Pipe mode changes the original CE IP packet markings.E.    Short-pipe mode does not change the original CE IP packet markings.F.    Short-pipe mode changes the original CE IP packet markings. Answer: BCE NEW QUESTION 468Which feature provides rapid failure detection times between the forwarding engines, while maintaining low overhead? A.    Resource Reservation protocolB.    Precision Time protocolC.    bidirectional forwarding detectionD.    MPLS traffic engineeringE.    fast helloF.    nonstop forwarding Answer: C NEW QUESTION 469Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer installs a Cisco XR 12416 with several modules. One of the modules fails to load Cisco IOS-XR version 3.9.1 and is stuck in the BRINGDOWN state. Which issue is the source of the problem? A.    insufficient route memory to boot the bladeB.    insufficient packet memory to boot the bladeC.    insufficient DRAM to boot the bladeD.    blade in the incorrect slot Answer: A NEW QUESTION 470A network administrator has configured an IPsec security policy index at the OSPFv3 Area level. Which interfaces are applied with OSPFv3 IPsec authentication? A.    interfaces exclusively configured with OSPFv3B.    all interfaces in the OSPFv3 areaC.    all interfaces in SPID.    all interfaces in an OSPFv2 and OSPFv3 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 471Which series of commands allow a port to transition to an up state in Cisco IOS XR when a non- OEM Cisco TenGigabit Ethernet receiver is installed? A.    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios#conf tRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config)#int gigabitEthernet 0/5/0/0RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#transceiver permit pid all RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#commitB.    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios#conf tRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config)#int tenGigE 0/5/0/0RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#transceiver permit pid all RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#commitC.    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios#conf tRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config)#int tenGigE 0/5/0/0RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#shutRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#commitRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#no shutRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#commitD.    RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios#conf tRP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config)#int gigabitEthernet 0/5/0/0RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#speed 10000RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:ios(config--if)#commit Answer: B NEW QUESTION 472Refer to the exhibit. Which action can fix the problem with the port channel? A.    Unify interface descriptions on both interfaces.B.    Unify load-interval on both interfaces.C.    Add duplex full on interface F0/13.D.    Add VLAN 100 to VLAN allowed list on Fa0/13. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 473MPLS LDP was configured on two Cisco IOS XR routers, but LDP was not established. Which two issues may cause this problem? (Choose two.) A.    The access list is configured to block TCP port 646.B.    The interface has not been placed under the MPLS LDP configuration.C.    The access list is configured to block TCP port 711.D.    MPLS LDP is always enabled by default in Cisco IOS XR.E.    MPLS LDP has not been placed under the interface configuration. Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 474A company is given a 20 Mbps bandwidth guarantee provided over a FastEthernet connection by an ISP. Which QoS technology should be used to ensure that traffic conforms to the 20 Mbps contract? A.    shapingB.    LFIC.    CIRD.    burst protection Answer: A NEW QUESTION 475An engineer is designing a SONET network using Cisco 7600 and the ONS 15454 platform. Which Cisco 7600 module allows for three 45 Mbps serial interfaces? A.    OC-12c/STM-4c ATMB.    OC-12/STM4 to DS3/E3C.    OC-3c/STM-1 POS/SDHD.    OC-12c/STM-4 POS/SDH Answer: B NEW QUESTION 476Which two characteristics must be considered when implementing IP dampening on Cisco IOS? (Choose two.) A.    The maximum suppress threshold time should be less than the reuse threshold.B.    The half-life period increases the penalty by half each time the interface comes up.C.    The reuse threshold defaults to 1000 penalties if it is not configured.D.    IP dampening can track the individual subinterfaces on an interface.E.    The maximum suppress threshold time should be more than the reuse threshold. Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 477Which ITU publication defines the requirements for communicating data over an optical network? A.    G.706B.    G.707C.    G.708D.    G.709 Answer: D NEW QUESTION 478Which three counters from a show interface output indicate that data packets were dropped on that interface? (Choose three.) A.    pause inputB.    collisionsC.    lost carrierD.    frameE.    runtsF.    input error Answer: BDE NEW QUESTION 479From the show interface output, which two options describe the two fields that are indicated as "unknown protocol drops"? (Choose two.) A.    packet drops for protocols that are not configured on the interfaceB.    packet drops for protocols that are not recognized by the interfaceC.    packet drops for protocols that are not destined for the interfaceD.    packet drops for protocols that are not sourced by the interfaceE.    packet drops for protocols that are denied in the ACL attached on the interface Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 480You have a Cisco 7600 Series Router with two route processors installed and with SSO enabled. Which three conditions must apply? (Choose three.) A.    The route processors must be running the same version of the Cisco IOS Software.B.    The route processors must have the same amount of DRAM.C.    The route processors must be preloaded with configurations.D.    The route processors must load share responsibilities between them.E.    The route processors must have the same configuration register values.F.    A switchover between the two route processors does not result in the reset of any line cards. Answer: AEF NEW QUESTION 481Which three options are reasons to deploy BFD? (Choose three.) A.    BFD is a fast hello protocol that exhibits lower overhead than aggressive hellos.B.    BFD is a fast hello protocol that provides reaction time under a second.C.    BFD is a fast hello protocol that provides reaction time over a second.D.    BFD provides fast converges to Layer 2 bundling protocol LAGs.E.    HSRP protocol supports BFD.F.    BFD uses a reliable transport for Hello packets, which increases the fast converge if an ACK is not received. Answer: ABE NEW QUESTION 482What is the recommended codepoint as per the RFC 2598 "An Expedited Forwarding PHB" for a packet to receive expedited forwarding PHB? A.    101111B.    101110C.    111111D.    110111E.    101101F.    110110 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 483Which two actions of Cisco IOS Software prevent a DDOS attack? (Choose two.) A.    Filter all source addresses from which traffic is not expected in the network, including RFC 1918 addresses.B.    Filter all traffic for TCP ports in the range 1014-49151.C.    Enable BFD to have links taken down when there is an attack.D.    Enable the ip verify reverse-path command on the interface.E.    Allow only static routes; dynamic routing protocols should not be allowed. Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 484In which three scenarios does multihoming in IS-IS work? (Choose three.) A.    merging Level 1 areasB.    splitting the Level 1 areaC.    renumbering NSAP addressesD.    modifying the system IDE.    merging Level 2 areasF.    splitting the Level 2 areaG.    creating an alternative path to the exit point Answer: ABC NEW QUESTION 485Which three BGP features improve convergence? (Choose three.) A.    route reflectorB.    BGP cost communityC.    BGP autodiscoveryD.    BGP soft reconfigurationE.    Fast Peering Session DeactivationF.    eBGP multihopG.    BGP PICH.    next-hop address tracking Answer: EGH NEW QUESTION 486Which option is the main task of the BGP I/O? A.    handles queuing and processing of BGP packetsB.    performs BGP peer establishmentC.    imports and exports routes into a particular VPN routing and forwarding instanceD.    calculates the best BGP pathE.    interacts with the routing information base Answer: A --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2015-01-05 09:38:08 Post date GMT: 2015-01-05 09:38:08 Post modified date: 2015-01-05 09:38:09 Post modified date GMT: 2015-01-05 09:38:09 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from