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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com. The domain contains a Microsoft System Center 2012 infrastructure. You deploy a service named Service1 by using a service template. Service1 contains two virtual machines. The virtual machines are configured as shown in the following table.
You need to recommend a monitoring solution to ensure that an administrator can review the availability information of Service1. You need to recommend a monitoring solution to ensure that an administrator can review the availability information of Service1. Solution: From Configuration Manager, you create a Collection and a Desired Configuration Management baseline. Does this meet the goal?

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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: 74-678
Exam Name: Designing and Providing Microsoft Volume Licensing Solutions to Large Organizations

Case Study 1 – A.Datum Corporation (Question 1 – Question 12) / Case Study 2 – Contoso, Ltd (Question 13 – Question 21)

A company is deploying Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Enterprise to its server farm to support a line-of-business application. The company will use SQL Server 2014 on virtual machines that will move freely across the servers in its estate to provide high availability and load balancing. Users will access the application from a variety of devices from both the office and from home. The company will purchase SQL Server 2014 Enterprise licenses that have Software Assurance (SA). Which three SA benefits support the company’s business requirements? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

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Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E20-377
Exam Name: RecoverPoint/SE Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

You are onsite investigating some performance issues in a RecoverPoint environment. EMC Support requests that you execute a detect_bottlenecks command. How should this command be executed?

A.    Connect to the floating IP and log in as ‘admin’
B.    Connect to the floating IP and log in as ‘security-admin’
C.    Connect to the SiteControl RPA and log in as ‘boxmgmt’
D.    Connect to the SiteControl RPA and log in as ‘security-admin’

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Vendor: EMC
Exam Code: E20-375
Exam Name: RecoverPoint Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers

When determining the journal volume size, which parameters are required?

A.    Rate of change, percentage of sequential writes, and RPO/RTO
B.    Number of snapshots to retain, rate of change, and consistency group type
C.    Rate of change, data set to be replicated, and RPO/RTO
D.    Number of consistency groups, RPO/RTO, and network type

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What are the three operating modes of HDLC? (Choose three.)

A.    Normal Peer Mode
B.    Asynchronous Balanced Mode
C.    Asynchronous Client Mode
D.    Normal Response Mode
E.    Asynchronous Response Mode
F.    Normal Balanced Mode

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