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Which value must the device send as its username when using CHAP to authenticate with the remote peer site id:17604704 over a PPP link?

A.    The automatically generated user name
B.    The local host name
C.    The user name defined by the administrator
D.    The host name of the remote device.

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Two routers are connected on a PPP link using CHAP authentication by default which value will the routers use as their identification on the link?

A.    Their hostnames
B.    Their IP address on the connected link
C.    Their interface numbers
D.    Their serial numbers

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Which type of access list allows granular session filtering for upper-level protocols?

A.    content-based access lists
B.    context-based access lists
C.    reglexive access lists
D.    extended access lists

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A company implements offline files for all Windows 10 devices. A user reports that they are running low on free disk space. You need to determine the amount of disk space being used by offline files on the user’s device. What should you do?

A.    On the device, run the following Windows PowerShell command:Get-Disk | Where-Object IsOffline- Eq $True | Set-Disk-IsOffline $False
B.    Instruct the user to launch Resource Manager
C.    On the device, run the following Windows PowerShell command:Get-Disk | Where-Object IsOffline- Eq $False | Set-Disk-IsOffline $True
D.    Instruct the user to launch Sync Center

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The errors shown appeared in the logs immediately after a change to a service account password. Which option is most likely to resolve the issue?

A.    In vRealize Automation, adjust the credentials under Infrastructure > Endpoints > Credentials.
B.    Delete and recreate the vSphere endpoint in vRealize Automation under Infrastructure > Endpoints > Endpoints.
C.    Reinstall the vSphere Proxy Agent.
D.    Log into the vSpere Web Client and remap the account.

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